Yacón Root Extract is the Newest Weight-Loss Tool

What is Yacón?

The Yacón is a perennial plant indigenous to South America, more accurately from Northern Argentina to Columbia. It is a member of the sunflower family, to name just one of its relatives which is familiar to us.


Although its wide introduction to the remainder of the world was rather late (the early beginning of the 21st century), it was immediately branded as highly beneficial for the human organism.

The main benefit of the plant refers to its anti-hyperglycemic properties, but it has a number of nurturing effects that enhance and maintain the wellbeing of the human body.yacon-root-yaconrootsextract

For consumption Yacón comes in three main forms: as a raw plant, Yacón leaves tea, Yacón syrup extract and Yacón root powder.

 Yacón – under the surface

The main feature of the plant is related to its low sugar content. The amount of sugar that it contains is comprised mostly of FOS or fructooligosaccharides.

It is important to know that these natural sugars do not become digested by the human organism, which means that Yacón is excellent for low sugar diets as well as calorie reduced ones.

It would be wise to concentrate on fructooligosaccharides for a moment; FOS is a substance of incredible properties that benefits the body in numerous ways. For example, FOS is characterized by a large fiber content, which is highly useful in maintaining the normal functions of the colon, as well as preventing constipation.

Another great example would be the fact that FOS is a type of prebiotic that is very efficient in providing a safe bacterial environment in the gut.

Yacón  the results

Fructoologosaccharides found in Yacón Syrup or Yacón Powder have long-range positive consequences on the body, some of which include:

  • Minimizing cancerous lesions (located in the colon);
  • Fortifying the human immune system;
  • Decreasing the levels of cholesterol;
  • Improving the absorption of calcium etc.

Numerous studies that have been performed in the purpose of testing the effect of Yacón in all of its forms (herb, tea, syrup) have demonstrated that the plant is highly effective in helping people lose weight in an almost effortless way.

The benefit for which Yacon became famous is weight loss.